Energy and Space Clearing


Does your home or business place need re-balancing and clearing? How do you know? Below is a useful list of scenarios when energy & space clearing is beneficial.

  • The feeling of unease inside.
  • Feeling that someone or something is watching you.
  • Unexplained happenings – such as things/furniture moving, unexplained shadows.
  • Unable to sleep or work in a particular location.
  • Feeling drained or stuck in a rut.
  • Feeling depressed and frequent sickness.
  • Animals reacting to “unseen” energies.
  • After an intrusion of your personal space such as burglary.
  • After a divorce or bereavement.
  • After ‘Spring cleaning’.
  • To remove the energy of previous occupants when you move house.
  • When your trying to sell your house.

Having your home/business “space” re-balancing with KaiAmea energy work clears away stagnant energy enabling you to optimize your environment for peace, prosperity and abundance.