Holistic health care practitioners are in abundance within the UK. This page is dedicated to those who I trust, for your peace of mind and naturally for your well being.

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The Benefitsholistic health care practitioners Of Positive Thinking gives you a varied number of tools to let go of thoughts which make you feel bad and focus your attention on thoughts that make you feel good, as well as specific advice to overcome certain challenges and to learn to live in the present moment.



Holistic Health Care Practitioners – Holistic Complementary Medicine


holistic health care practitionersHerbactive is a herbal is a megastore with tonics and tinctures, powders and ointments for just about every illness. The store also sells Hemp CBD Oil in different strengths and Black Salve. But it’s not just a store, it has hundreds of pages of information concerning health and herbal treatment. Alan Hopking MA MNIMH is the medical herbal practitioner of Herbactive Clinic and has been in practice for over 35 years. You can talk to him about your condition on the phone or send an email about your needs. He replies personally.


holistic health care practitionersKaiAmea(school of therapy and spiritual development) is situated in Devon, UK and founded by Kay Arwen in 1999. Kay provides professional courses, Education programmes, Workshops, Readings, Therapies and Consultancies.



holistic health care practitionersSalutary Reflexology is situated in Derbyshire, UK and founded by Kerryann Hutchinson GJC, CMR5, PRM, MAR. Kerryann provides a mobile treatment service to suit your every need in bringing out your inner well being.


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