When I discovered the benefits of Crystal & KaiAmea Therapy….

It was the Summer of 2013 and I was tucking into the superb breakfast at a lovely local café, little was I too realise that I would soon be feeling 99% better both mentality and physically, than I had for a long time (and not just because of the hearty breakfast of course).

I was sick and tired of all the bereavement that I had suffered, it had taken its toll on my health, as of course it would.
I sympathise with anyone who is in the same situation.

In the café Hywel my buddy loves reading the paper. So in the café after his breakfast his nose was well and truly stuck in the daily paper. Bored with newspapers I found a local magazine and having thumbed through it found and advertisement for Crystal & KaiAmea therapy. I had always been interested in alternative remedies. I had given everything else a go so why not try this, reflexology helps a great deal also. Other alternative remedies I tried – the fish nibbling the toes – no way, I brought them all home as pets, its such a nuisance because we have to blindfold them all when we go for a bath, they are cute though.  I have drank enough green pond tea and my teeth are stained but it is good for you. Meditation is good also but all I could think of was chocolate and ate and ate it but, I have now learnt how to do it properly and what works for me.

So I made my first appointment with Tom at Krukira (complementary therapy). I was very welcomed by the Girls there and Tom of course, as I waited I was very nervous, not knowing what to expect. But I was very happy with Tom’s mannerisms and soon relaxed. He asked, pain? I told him that was what my Mother has always called me and how did he know? I explained that my neck was in agony and I haven’t slept for weeks because of it. It was definitely to do with all the headbanging in the seventies. So I listened carefully to how Tom told me to mediate and relax.

The KaiAmea and crystals were AMAZING and a beautiful scent filled the room I relaxed deeply. That night I went to bed Hywel was fast asleep in seconds as usual. I waited and waited for the pain in my neck to scream at me, five minutes – nothing, five minutes – nothing then fell fast asleep!

The next morning I had no neck pain and was full of energy and felt so much happier than I had for a long time. My neck has continued to be fine and I now see Tom regularly, I really feel more like my old self, old be the operative word now, now I must find a cure for my winkles!

Kathryn R.
10th February 2014