Sun stone is a wonderful crystal that is able to provide its many benefits for those who wear it in jewelry, carry it or those who place it around the home. After all Sun stone is linked to good luck and fortune, some thing we all enjoy.

Inspired by light, Sun stone delivers its jubilant energy that is great for clearing your chakras and bringing in an abundance of light and positive energy; thus lifting your mood, especially for those who suffer from the winter blues (SAD).

Sun stone is useful for removing attached negativity both mentally and emotionally from those who are possessive in your life, and those who drain your energy.

Sun Stone – Feal empowered by this wonderful crystal for your well being.

The Sun is a huge power station, providing us with warmth and light. It’s power harnessed by the use of Solar panels to generate power for our homes. Just like Solar panels, we have what is the Solar-Plexus chakra situated just above our tummy button and below our sternum. The Solar-Plexus chakra is our power station. Using Sun stone for our Solar-Plexus chakra lifts out heavy emotions thus increasing confidence, self-esteem, self-empowerment, independence, and vitality.

Sun stone is great for removing inhibitions and reverses feelings of failure, and increases confidence and self-worth. This stone also great for encouraging enthusiasm and optimism in one’s life and helps over come self-restrain in doing tasks which need to be accomplished. It is also a stone for life restoration; allowing you to shine and support your self.

There are many people who put others before themselves, sacrificing their time for the benefit of others, and have a problem saying no. If you can relate to this, then Sun stone is recommended for you!

Experience a Sun stone bathed crystal therapy treatment by KruKira.

Now that you have read the many benefits of Sun stone, why not experience what Sun stone can do for you. Focusing on the use of Sun stone combined with other crystal elements for your well being.

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